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Tips for Getting Deals at Restaurants

Getting a deal at a restaurant is simple, but again you have to ask for it. 

FREE-DessertFirst, ask your server if there are any specials of the day (I have been to many restaurants who do not tell you unless you ask). If someone in your group is celebrating a birthday or other special occasion, definitely let the server or restaurant manager know. Often times you can call or email ahead and notify the restaurant. This usually results in, at minimum, an nice seat and possibly free dessert, champagne/wine or even part of the meal complimentary. The more expensive of a restaurant you visit, the more likely you are able to get negotiate a nicer reward. The reputations of restaurants depend on word-of-mouth advertising and they know that if you have a good time and get something extra for free that you will tell your friends about it, tweet about it and even put it on your blog. Speaking of blogs, many food bloggers have been known to easily get entire meals for free at restaurants in exchange for a personal review. The amount of new business that the restaurant can gain from one positive blog review is worth much more to them than the $20 free meal they gave you. So if you own a blog about food, let the owner or manager know prior to ordering.

restaurant-serverWhile you are traveling it is very easy to get deals on food at restaurant. Tell the server or manager that you are visiting from a different country (the farther away the better) and ask them if they have anything special for visitors from *insert name of your country here*. The worst they can say is “no sorry” but most likely there is something small they can offer you to make you happy, and probably earn them a larger tip. I have been offered free appetizers, free tea or drinks, free dessert or even souvenirs from the restaurant.

Negotiating at resturantAnother way you can get a discount at a restaurant, although should never be done on purpose, is if you are unhappy with any part of the food or drinks that you ordered. Always let the server know right away so that they can either take the item off your bill and bring you something else or re-prepare the item that you ordered. I have been to so many restaurants with people who have received a bad meal and do not say anything about it. Some people may be shy, but it is your duty to inform someone at the restaurant or else they might never know something is wrong and server the same food to other guests. I have been brought food that was spoiled, prepared the wrong way or simply which was flavorless and I always make a point to have it corrected and most of the times have my bill adjusted for the inconvenience. If the server refuses to take the item off of your bill, ask to speak with the manager. Again, the reputation of the restaurant is much more important that a $20 meal.

So speak up, talk to your sever and restaurant manager and ask if there are any other specials, discounts or promotions they can give you – I bet there will be!

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