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Think your pool is cool? You’ve never seen one like this!

You’ve seen cool pools on TV, at hotels around the world and maybe at your rich friend’s house but you have not truly seen a COOL POOL until you see this “movable floor” pool that doubles as a patio!

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Built by RS Fabrications in partnership with Levelable in the UK, this Moveable Floor Swimming Pool with built in Stream Generator is truly amazing! The patio can transform from a dry patio into a full-depth pool in under 10 minutes!

Structuring the space intelligently and preserving the ambiance and decoration. The movable pool floor is the answer to all your requirements. With precision Design & Engineering, the creation is a unique blend of functional materials, Stainless Steel, Wood, Ceramic and various Composite Structures.

It helps to create an aesthetic and practical lifestyle emphasizing safety.


1 – Structure

The structure is made of rectangular tubes that are assembled and welded in the factory. These elements are then assembled on site and bolted together to form a framework. The finishing covering is then attached to the assembled structure.

This process allows the equipment to be transported and assembled on-site more easily.

2 – Mounting points

The mounting points, which are linked to the drive system by cables and pulleys, support and guide the cables along the path between the supports and the drive system.

They form the interface between the drive system and the movable floor. 2a. Coping board mounting points 2b. Technical compartment mounting points

3 – Cable supports

The cable supports fitted underneath the structure, hold the cables in position along the inside wall of the pool, and allow the level to be adjusted when the movable floor is installed.

4 – Stabilisers

The stabilisers positioned at intervals along the length of the structure are used to adjust and centre the movable floor. They prevent the floor from swinging from side to side when in a raised or intermediate position.

5 – Drive system

 The drive system uses a worm gear and sealed gearbox to pull the cables to which the floor is attached. The cables guide the path followed by the anchor disk as it moves horizontally. The length of the worm gear matches the depth of the pool up to the coping boards. Sealed limit switches stop the floor’s movement when it reaches the surface or the bottom of the pool. The drive system is controlled by a control unit that enables the platform to be stopped at the desired height.

6 – Adjustable feet

The feet located at intervals below the structure prevent vertical oscillation and stabilise the floor when the system is lowered to the bottom of the floor.

7 – Inspection hatch

An inspection hatch provides access for a cleaning robot to clean the pool bottom, or to allow servicing by a maintenance technician.


Safe working load : 100 kg /sq.m
Standard water depth : 1.60 m (greater depths on request).
Movement speed :
1 m /minute.
Control unit : Remote-mounted, key-lockable “press-and-hold” button unit.
Power supply : Single-phase 220 V or three-phase 380 V.
Cables and fittings : Ø6 mm, 316L grade stainless steel
Frame : 150 mm x 50 mm x 2 mm stainless steel tubes.
Accessories : Stainless steel (or hot-galvanized steel for non-submerged parts)
Finishing covering : Exotic wood, PVC, tiling or other finish.
Swimming pool safety standard : NFP 90-308


Images and video courtesy of RS Fabrications (

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