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The New Low-Cost Way to Watch TV. . .with Google!

FINALLY! The Internet on your TV – Without WiresGoogle ChromeCast

Many of us have been connecting their computers to their HDTV’s to watch downloaded movies and video clips for years already via HDMI cables, but it was never an ideal situation. You had to move your computer next to the TV every time or have a big cable stretched across the room. The rich kids bought separate computers, like the Apple Mac-Mini or Samsung’s ChromeBox, but not everyone could afford those. Luckily, thanks to everyone’s favorite web-friend Google, there’s a new way to stream video content from your computer to your TV – and it only costs $35!

Introducing ChromeCast from Google

At the end of July, Google announced their tiny new product which removed the HDMI cables and fulfils a dream of Netflix and Youtube lovers around the world. The Chromecast device is google-chromecast-plugged-inabout the same size as a USB stick and plugs into any HDMI port on your TV. It then connects to your Wi-Fi network and transfers the content from your computer to your TV via the cloud. There are a few built in Apps which help enhance your newly-upgraded TV watching experience with plenty more on the way soon. What’s even cooler is that you can control the content streamed with ChromeCast via your iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Mac OSX cell phone or tablet – ultra-cool! Sorry Windows 8 phones, you just aren’t cool enough to watch TV with Chromecast. The nice part about that is that you can continue to surf the web or Facebook on your Tablet or phone while streaming video content. Some earlier streaming products didn’t allow this essential feature.

Sounds Great Right? Just one problem…

As of writing this on August 1st, 2013, ChromeCast is sold out online and in stores. In fact it sold out within days of the launch announcement chromecast-living-room-tvdue to overwhelming demand and excitement. this is not just a problem computer geeks want, this is something everyone wants (my mom even ordered one). Google initially offered a free 3-month subscription to Netflix (for new users) to sweeten the deal – which is in amazing deal – but they quickly withdrew the offer once orders came flowing in. The good news is, even though you can’t get the Free Netflix deal, you can still order a ChromeCast stick online  from with expected delivery in a mere 3-4 weeks (with free shipping – woohoo!) – time flies, right?

Can you imagine back when we used to only watch movies on the TV and used the computer for well . . computer stuff? I can’t.  Multi-tasking and multi-functional devices are the way of the future and are here to stay. I’m sure there will be many copycat products arriving in stores soon, but I personally trust the reliability, clean interface and price of Google Products.  Can you really beat $35?
Nope . . Now go Order your ChromeCast!

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