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Quit Tying Your Shoe Laces! You Need SHNAPs

Snhap laces reviewDon’t you hate when you tie your shoe laces and the huge bow looks like it belongs on a birthday present? Depending on how tight you tie your shoes, the lace ends are often very long which results in an awkwardly large bow. This leaves the option buying smaller laces (hassle) or tying your laces behind the shoe tongue (also a hassle). Well fortunately there is a third option which is easy, inexpensive and quite cool. The product is called Shnap and it is presently raising funds on Kickstarter in order to begin full-scale production (and change the way the world ties their shoes!).

Chris Faith, creator of Shnap, recently sent me a prototype to review and share here on my site. What made this sample particularly cool though was it was created with a 3D printer. 3D printing has allowed creators and inventors a low-cost way to create prototypes right in their homes allowing extensive refinement and improvement.

So what is Shnap? It is 4 small pieces of plastic which allow you to snap your shoe laces instead of tie them. Let me explain  . . There are 2 small pieces of plastic which is inserted into each of the top eyelets of your shoes and then 2 other small piece of plastic which you thread the end of your laces through. After adjusting the lace length to your desired level of tightness, you snap the 2 pieces of plastic together on each side of your shoe hence eliminating the need to tie the 2 laces together.  It is definitely something that needs to be seen to fully understand so take a look at the pictures below.

Shnap Laces Review  Shnap Laces Review

My first thought once I had Shnaps on my shoes was “why has it taken so long for someone to invent this?” After you snap your shoe laces you too will wonder why you have been tying them for all of these years. They attach in seconds and lock together securely and come in a variety of colors (I’d love a brown pair!) to match any pair of shoes. Shnap Review

Shnap Shoe Clip review








Overall I love Shnaps for their ease of use, color options and functionality.  The only part I did not like was that you have to cut your laces in after you attach the Shnaps to trim the “extra” length. This may be fine for your gym shoes but I did not feel comfortable cutting my Gucci laces. A solution to cutting your laces may be installing shorter length laces such as kids size.

Shnap Laces Review

So how can you get your own pair of Shnap Laces?

Go on Kickstarter and help fund the project and pre-order yours today!

You can also follow them on Twitter.

Shnap Laces Shnap Laces Shnap Laces

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Budget Now Rents Cool Cars Such as the Mini Cooper!

I travel around the US a lot and those travels usually involving renting vehicles at different airports. I chose to rent from Budget as I have been a long-time member of their FastBreak program and find they have the best overall prices and service. While everyone knows that it is easy to rent compact cars, SUVs and minivans from any rental company, what you probably didn’t know is that budget rents some very cool cars –  cars you won’t find at other

Today while dropping off my 2013 Ford C-Max car (a very-cool brand new Hybrid which I highly recommend) at the airport, the lot attendant suggested I try out a Mini Cooper for my next rental. Prior to today I had no idea that Budget rented Mini’s as I had never seen them in their parking lots. Budget generally rents fairly boring cars such as the Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus, Chevy Cruze and Chrysler 200 – cars which do not offer any special features and are quite plain in appearance. But in my travels and frequent rentals over the last couple years I have learned that rental car companies often have a few special cars around but you have to request them. I never take the first car the rental agent gives me, I always ask what other vehicle options they can offer. The rental agents are often instructed by their managers to rent out the “boring” vehicles first since they generally have the greatest surplus of these vehicles, but frequent and educated renters such as myself know that there are much better cars available – if you ask.

Today I learned that Budget rents not only the standard Mini Cooper but also the longer mini Clubman and the 4-wheel drive Mini Clubman as part of their normal fleet. The latest generation of the iconic British mini-car was introduced in North America in 2002 and is made by BMW. The quality and price ($25-40,000) of the vehicles places them as premium vehicles to many and certainly not thought of as a car you would be able to rent for $20 per day at your local Budget Rent-A-Car. Although I have never been a huge fan of the cars myself due to their small size and quirky dash features, I was pleased to learn that the cars get 35+ MPG and hold a surprising amount of cargo once the seats are folded down. As long as the price is the same as my regular Ford C-Max or Escape, I think I’ll try out a new Mini Cooper next time – I hear they are a blast to drive!

Cadillac-Escalade-and-Lincoln-Navigator-rented-from-budgetOther fun/special vehicles which you will find at Budget Rent-A-Car in 2013 are the usual Ford Mustang (standard, convertible and GT), and Chevrolet Camaro (SS and convertible) but also you can find the Dodge Challenger, Jeep Wrangler, Toyota 4Runner, Nissan Altima Coupe and the Toyota Prius. I personally greatly dislike the Prius but a lot of people do love them and renting one is a great way to find out if you either love them or hate them. Also, although they are slightly higher priced than regular vehicles, Budget now rents a full line of luxury vehicles previously only available to Hertz Gold members for $100+ per day. These luxury vehicles include BMW’s (including the Z4 convertible and 740), Infinity cars and SUVs and the celebrity-favorite Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator full-size SUVs.

So next time you are at the airport and the rental car agent offers you a boring little Chevrolet Sonic, ask “what other cars do you have available for me?” and I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Also, see my previous post about getting deals on rental cars to save yourself some money and get a Free Upgrade.


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