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New Product Review: Weber Rapidfire 7416 Chimney Starter

No more waiting for charcoal to heat, no more lighter fluid!

Weber Rapidfire 7416 Chimney StarterI’m an oldschool barbequer: I prefer traditional charcoal over the gas grills and I think that most people will probably agree that charcoal grilled burgers simply taste better. But do you know what I hate most about charcoal grilling? Lighting the coal briquettes and waiting for the to fully heat so I can start cooking! And I know you’re probably saying to yourself, “why not just buy the instant-light bricks?” Because I don’t like the small and taste of lighter fluid on my food, that’s why! So to put it lightly, I was thrilled when I came across this product online by Weber: the Rapidfire 7416 Chimney Starter.

At first I thought that Weber had this product exclusively but then I did some searching around online and I found at least 10 other brands of similar chimney-style starters. Some were way cheaper ($7 for a Wal-Mart version) and others were alot more and looked alot more hardcore – but who needs to be hardcore when you are waiting for coal to heat up? I just want to get the job done quickly and for a good price. So after reading up on a bunch of similar products, I chose this one by Weber because of the history and quality of the Weber brand. Weber has been making BBQ products since 1952 and they make everything from top-quality $800 propane grills (like the Genesis) but they also make lots of quality accessories, cleaning products and tools which are easily found at major retail stores. Oh, and Weber has a fantastic website, check it out after you buy your new Chimney Starter.

But, back to the product in the spotlight here, the Rapidfire Chimney Starter. This is a genius product which everyone who has a charcoal BBQ should own. Instead of waiting for your coals to heat spread out in your bbq, filling the chimney up and lighting it not only heats the coals faster – its more fun! To get started all you need is a sheet or two of newspaper, a bag of charcoal and a match and you’re ready to go. Crumple the newspaper sheets and place them underneath the chimney. Place the chimney on top of your grill grate and fill with coal from the top and then light the newspaper with a match from a hole in the bottom side. The coals will heat evenly and quickly and are ready to use in about 10 minutes. Then simply pour the hot ready-to-cook-with coals into your grill and you’re ready to grill! Weber says that the chimney holds enough charcoal briquettes for a 22-1/2-inch kettle grill but I found this depends on the size of your coal as each brand varies slightly in size.

In conclusion this is another fine product from the BBQ experts at Weber. It is light weight, easy to clean and gets the job done right! No fancy bells or whistles, but none are needed when you are heating coal. You just need it done and you need it done fast.
The RapidFire 7416 Chimney Starter is one of the best new BBQ product that I recommend you buy this summer.

Product Features

  • Heats charcoal quickly and evenly
  • Aluminized steel with stay-cool thermoplastic handle
  • Holds enough briquettes for a 22-1/2-inch kettle grill
  • Cone bottom ensures a fast start
  • Eliminates need for lighter fluid
  • Measures 7-1/2 by 7-1/2 by 12 inches

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Spend less time waiting and more time cooking so you can get to the best part – EATING!

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