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Men’s Razor Comparison: Gillette Fusion vs. H5O by

Two weeks ago I was contacted by and I agreed do a review of their new Razors, which are only available online. I love all kinds of new products, especially ones which will save me money, and I particularly enjoyed doing this comparison review on men’s razors.
[frame]Men's Razor Comparison: Gillette Fusion VS H50[/frame]

The Story Behind

Unlike the many big brands of razors out there, have a great background story of their creation.

Shortly after the airline lost their luggage, Steven and Phil, two weary businessmen, shop together in the middle of the night for some basic over-night supplies. Already feeling burned, they are both shocked by how expensive the razors on the shelf are – almost $20 for a handle and four cartridges and almost $35 for eight cartridges! Outraged and feeling doubly-burned, they both agree, this will not stand! LogoTwo months later, the two men have become obsessed with one simple goal: Give the market a good, quality razor at a fair price. Their research revealed why such a thing didn’t already exist. It couldn’t. Not in stores anyway. One company has virtually monopolized the retail distribution of razors for the past thirty years. With 70% of the market and no quality competition on the shelf to speak of, they charge whatever they want, burning us all with every shave.

Steven and Phil knew they needed to build the best razors possible if they were going to take on the retail giant. They held meetings with manufacturers from all over the world but the quality and commitment just never felt right until they met with an American company that’s been making high-quality safety razors since the 1800s. This new partnership worked tirelessly over the next year to create a special line of products built to Steven and Phil’s exacting standards. The razors were so good, Steven and Phil’s new company,, decided to guarantee their customers’ satisfaction with The Burn-Free GuaranteeTM – “If you feel burned for any reason, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.”


H30 and H50 Razors by makes 2 different styles of men’s razors –  the green and black H30, a 3-blade razor and the blue and white H50 which is equipped with 5 blades.  The H30 ships with 5 cartridges and 1 handle and the H50 ships with 4 cartridges and 1 handle. I am including pictures of both styles however I this review is a comparison of the H50 VS the Gillette Fusion so I will concentrate on the H50. The H50 is slightly bigger than my Fusion with the nice addition of rubber side grips and a gloss finish. I did notice that the blade-release button is a bit sticky and requires a lot more effort compared to my Fusion, which pops the blade off with very little pressure when desired. Another feature which I noticed was missing from the H50 was the 6th blade on front of the razor. I love this feature for touch-ups and shaving the areas close to my nostrils and was disappointed to see that the H50 was missing this. But, the most important part of any razor is the blades and I was excited to try them out and see how the match up.

Comparison: Gillette Fusion VS H5O by

Gillette Fusion (top) vs 800Razors H50 (bottom)

Gillette Fusion (top) vs 800Razors H50 (bottom)

As a man in my 30’s, a razor is something I use every day so quality and performance are very important. Previous to being contacted by I never considered buying my razors online and was not even aware that such companies existed. I have been a long-time (10+ years) user of Gillette Fusion razors and usually bought them at my local Wal-Mart where they were cheapest.  I have always been happy with their performance but there was one thing that I have always REALY hated about the Gillette Fusion razors . . . The Price!  And like many men, I really don’t care about a fancy brand or logo on my razors – I just want them to work well and be affordable, and I think has heard us loud and clear with the launch of their 2 new products. Gillette has dominated the razor market for so long that I welcome a new competitor such as who can help me save money.

5 Blade Razor Showdown: 800Razors H50 VS Gillette Fusion

5 Blade Razor Showdown: 800Razors H50 VS Gillette Fusion

For my comparison test I shaved half of my face with a brand-new Gillette Fusion razor and the other half with my equally-new H50 razor and Gillette shave gel. Check out the pictures of the results on both sides of my face to see the results for yourself.

Right side shaved with H50 razor

Right side shaved with H50 razor

Left side shaved with Gillette Fusion razor

Left side shaved with Gillette Fusion razor

And the Winner Is . . .

Winner of the Men's Razor Comparison: H50 by 800Razors.comWe all know that the ultimate judge of any man’s shave is his wife/girlfriend, right? So naturally I had my wife judge my 50/50 shave and pick which she liked best. I did not tell her which side of my face I shaved with which razor but she immediately picked the one shaved with the H5O. She echoed my feeling that the results were smoother and more effective than the side I had shaved with the Gillette Fusion. I did not have any razor burn or redness after I was finished. My skin looked and felt great. Gillette’s slogan of “the best a man can get” no longer applies-
The H50 is the new razor champion!

[frame align=”center”] Razor Comparison: 800Razors H5O VS Gillette Fusion[/frame]

Price and Ordering

Upon checking’s website, I was relived to see that the price of 4 H5O cartridges was only $9.99 and the price gets even cheaper when you order 8-20 cartridges at once ($17.99-32.99). Gillette Fusions at Wal-Mart presently cost $15.99 for 4 cartridges and up to $39.47 for 12 which is $3.29  – $4.00 each – that’s a lot of money for something that you will use a few times and then throw away! 800Razors Motto seems quite fitting: “You Can’t Get a Better Shave at a Better Price. Guaranteed.” They also have a nice “auto-ship” feature on their website where you can automatically receive orders of new razors every 8-20 weeks. Shipping is free and there does not appear to be any sales tax either. The checkout system is quick, easy to use and cleanly designed. Click Here to visit and Order your H3O or H5O today!

Bonus . . . Want to win $5,000?

In celebration of the the launch of their new products, is inviting users to “Take the Burn-Free Challenge” by video taping yourself shaving half your face with your old razor and the other half with the H30 or H50 and then keep the camera rolling as a friend determines the best razor in the most creative way you can think of. Then upload your video to for a change to win $5,000 cash – fantastic!


UPDATE, October 2013: 800Razors just made this awesome new video – check it out!

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7 Responses to “Men’s Razor Comparison: Gillette Fusion vs. H5O by”

  1. roger simmons says:

    This would be awesome to try out

  2. Amy Tolley says:

    not to sure where to leave the comment at so im leaving it here these razors look amazing thanks for this chance

  3. Theresa M says:

    Well we all shave my three men in the house and I too haha. But they always seem to fight over razors. I love to let them try this one so please enter me too ok and maybe we will keep buying them down the road if they like them. Thanks.

  4. […] in April 2013 I posted a comparison of a new razor brand that works better and costs less than Gillette fusion, from […]

  5. Bob Burns says:

    At last, an alternative. I really like the Fusion razor but I absolutely refuse to pay the price for a blade. At around 4 bucks a copy it is the height of insanity to allow oneself to be held up by Proctor & Gamble (who now owns Gillette).

    I placed my first order for 800razors 5-blade razor just a few minutes ago. I hope this all pans out!


  6. Bob C says:

    Customer service is awful. 800razors was to send me a package prepaid. The package arrived with $6.50 postage due. I paid the extra postage. 800razors refused to reimburse. Five separate emails from 800razors claimed they were not responsible and that the package was shipped flat rate with no postage due. The package was NOT shipped flat rate and did have postage due. Despite sending photos of the package and communications directly with the CEO, postage has not been reimbursed. 800razors used terms like “federal offense”, “impossible to have any difference in the postage” and “fraudulent postage due” in their emails. With regard to the postage due stamp on the package, they even stated “That stamp you have shown is not something USPS would use.” Wrong! 800razors even opened a USPS investigation which confirmed that the postage due stamp was a genuine USPS stamp and that the package was NOT shipped flat rate resulting in postage due in the amount of $6.50. 800razors has stopped responding to my communications. If you like drama with your razor purchase, you came to the right place.

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