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Coca-Cola Goes Green With Experimental Drink in South America

Coke has launched a “natural” coke called Coca-Cola Life!


This is not a “green washing” joke – this really happened in Argentina.

Coca-Cola is as much of a US traditions as apple pie, 4th of July Fireworks and mac & cheese. Most of us grew up drinking it and have fond memories of the taste and advertising campaigns.  I’m not much of a soda drinker anymore as I have become more concerned about my health and have been avoiding high fructose corn syrup (which is very bad for your health). I do still enjoy a cold glass of cola once in a while and was happy to find a cola made by 365 Everyday Value which uses sugar cane for sweetener instead of the usual high fructose corn syrup. The problem is, it’s expensive and only available at Whole Foods Market. Coca-Cola varies it’s sugar sources, depending on the country, and unfortunately the US coke drinkers get Coca-Cola made with high fructose corn syrup. Mexico produces Coca-Cola with real cane sugar and this is sometimes available in specialty stores but is hard to find and is more expensive.

Good News


Coca-Cola has just launched a new cola in Argentina called Coca-Cola Life. Life substitutes high fructose corn syrup for a mix of cane sugar and stevia and has also substituted the iconic red label for a green one.

Stevia is a is a sugar substitute derived from the leaves of the stevia plant that is significantly sweeter than sugar but contains no calories. The sugar substitute has been making its way into more Coke products lately, including its Vitamin Water line and Seagram’s ginger ale, in an effort to reduce calories and combat obesity. Great job guys!

Eco-Friendly Bottle


Coca-Cola Life is being marketed as a healthier substitute with more eco-friendly packaging in a fully-recyclable plant-based bottle. The company’s award-winning PlantBottle, which is made from petroleum-based materials and up to 30% plant-based materials. The exact plant matter is based on availability within local markets, but the hope is to create a 100% plant-based bottle down the line.

Coca-Cola Life is Healthy


Health-wise, Coca-Cola Life is much better for you with only 108 calories per 600ml compared with regular coke at 250 calories. Of course Coke Zero has no calories at all but it is terrible for your health since it is sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium. Take a look here for an article on the dangers of sugar substitutes.

When will Coca-Cola Life be available for us to enjoy here in the US?

Coca-Cola-life-canNo word yet but keep an eye out at your local import specialty food stores or you can pick up a can of Coca-Cola Life for $7.99 on Ebay. Seeing as how the internet has been blowing up over this story, and how America is currently crazy for anything “green” – I don’t think it will be too long before Coca-Cola Life will be available here. Soda sales have been steadily declining in the last decade and this could be just the boost that Coke needs to turn up it’s profits once again.

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