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Buying High-Quality Products

You may have heard the old expression before that “You Get What You Pay For” and this couldn’t be more true. Always buy the best quality version of the product that you can afford or else you will later regret your purchase.

Let me tell you true story…
When I was about 10 years old it was summer time and all of my friends were buying SuperSoaker brand water guns to prepare for the many upcoming neighbourhood water fights. At that time everyone was buying the name-brand SuperSoakers which cost about $25 at Toys R Us, which was a lot of money for a 10 year old kid,  So I decided I just buy a cheaper generic water gun for only $10 – thinking I would be a smarter shopper than my friends save $15. But guess what happened? During the first water fight with my new $10 water gun I quickly realized why the SuperSoakers cost $15 more than my version. They had more power, held more water and simply worked better! This is when I realized that yes, you do get what you pay for….and the next day I went back to Toys R Us and spent another $25 for a SuperSoaker – and enjoyed the rest of my summer greatly! But, my point is that my attempt to save a mere $10 actually cost me $35 in the end – instead of me just buying the correct high-quality product the first time. And . .  I was stuck with a cheap product which I would never use again.

Whether you are buying a new digital camera, television, cell phone, leather sofa or even a water gun, do your homework and always try and buy the highest quality product from a name-brand company you can trust. Read reviews, blogs and talk to friends about which products they recommend and most of the time you will find the same thing – the better the quality, the better the product and the more happy you will be with your purchase. When you buy a quality product, not only do you get long-life of the product but you are also buying the peace-of-mind that the company has done the research and development on the product to ensure it will last and perform as expected and will carry a full warranty for added assurance.

Not all products are created equally. Take white men’s dress shirts for example, there are huge differences in a $50 shirt from Sears and a $150 shirt from Hugo Boss. Although the two white dress shirts may look similar at first glance, the Hugo Boss shirt will be made with 100% cotton, will have a higher thread count, will have a better cut and will last for many more washes than the Sears version. When you a buy high-quality shirt by a designer brand, it will fit you better, be more comfortable and you can be proud of your purchase and the money spent on it. Think of your high-quality purchases as investments which will retain their value. The cheaper shirt from Sears may have saved you $100 today, but one year from now when it wears out you will need to replace it with another $50 shirt and then another…when you could have just made the smart purchase and gone with the high-quality $150 shirt which is guaranteed to last for years to come.

Now I am not saying that the most expensive products are the best quality. While most of the time this is the case, these days you don’t have to pay the highest price if you do your homework. With the evolution of online shopping, if you search around long enough you can find huge savings on high-quality brand-name products from around the world. Traditional retail stores still charge high prices due to the costs of rent, employees, insurance and more, but online retailers do not have any costs and can pass the savings along to you.

The smartest shoppers today are ones who look for the best quality products and then seek out the best deals on for those products online. They end up saving money and being fully satisfied for years to come. Here at we want to help you find those  high-quality products and help you save money.


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