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Best New Products from Samsung

Samsung LogoI’ll come right out and say it: I love SAMSUNG Products!

Not only are their product designs fantasitc but Samsung has been continually releasing some of the most innovative products in all categories of consumer electronics over the past few years.  I presently own two LCD TVs by Samsung as well as the last year’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus cell phone however I plan on upgrading to many more of their products this year.

2012 is a huge year for new Samsung products and I have reviewed some of their best new industry-leading consumer products below.

Best New Cell Phone: Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung’s new top-of-the-line flagship cell phone, the Galaxy S3, just launched today and many people are already speculating that it could be the next iPhone killer. Although the same claims were made about last years Galaxy Nexus, there were many small things wrong with that phone (such as the poor camera quality) that iPhone fans were quick to rub in Samsung’s face. But with the launch of the new Galaxy S3 it seems that the iPhone fans are a bit quiet these days. The camera has been upgraded, the screen is larger, and the screen resolution is very close to that oh the retina display on the iPhone 4s (and this fall’s iPhone5). And while this phone is way more technologically advanced than any other phone on the market, it is not being advertised that way. Alot of people I know in the market for new cell phones have shyed away from android phone in the past because they looked too complicated, and before the Galaxy s3 that may have been true. It’s hard to find a phone on the market that is as simple to use as the iPhone. But Samsung is fighting hard to change that and is advertising this phone as “designed for humans,” meaning the company is trying to emphasize user experience over technical strengths. Sure I could give you a huge list of technical specs about RAM and processor speed but really most people are just concerned with how cool the phone looks, how easy it is to use and if it will allow them to keep up with their friend’s cell phones.

Let’s talk about the phone’s design. I like the fact that the phone comes in white from the beginning. The white iPhone, which wasBest New Cell Phone: Samsung-Galaxy S3 released months after the standard black version has proved to be much more sought-after and Samsung is cashing in on that by offering white  as the phone’s main color. There are alot of rumors circulating online about the phone being available in more colors, such as pebble blue and red, but I have only seen the white advertised in stores so far.  The Galaxy S3 sports an extra-large 4.8-inch HD AMOLED screen, an 8-megapixel camera, and a quad-core, LTE network,  plus software add-ons like enhanced voice controls and phone-to-phone sharing for files of up to 1GB in size. The phone is available for purchase factory unlocked if you wish to use your own SIM card without signing into a new contract or switching carriers.  But still, fancy specs aside, what I really like about this phone is the design. Sticking true to Samsung-style, the phone is as sexy as an Apple product and side-by-side comparison makes an iPhone look like a little brick of plastic. The Galaxy s3 is lightweight, thin and well constructed. While Apple products have been synonymous with cool designs over the years, they cannot compete with the Samsung Galaxy S3.  This is one sexy phone that does not hold back on power, features or design. I definitely want to buy this phone to replace my old Galaxy Nexus, now to convince my carrier to give me a free upgrade!


  • SCREEN: 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED display
  • RESOLUTION: 1280 x 720
  • PROCESSOR: 1.5 Ghz dual-core
  • SPEED: 4G LTE compatible
  • MEMORY: 16 GB Internal
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • CAMERA: 8MP rear and 1.9MP front-facing
  • DIMENSIONS: Height: 11.39cm, Width: 5.87cm, Depth: 1.39cm, Weight: 0.133kgs
  • EXTRAS: S Beam, S voice
  • WARRANTY: 12 months

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Best New TV: Samsung ES8000 LED SmartTV

Samsung ES8000 3D LED HDTVThe television market has seen HUGE technological advances in the past 5 years and it might seem hard to catch up. The evolution of LCDs and Plasma TV to LED and 3D TVs seemed to happen in barely a couple of years. And now, another first from Samsung….there are LED Smart TVs! The new Samsung ES8000 LED is the cream-of-the-crop and you will not find a better TV on the market today for this price. And you will not find another manufacture producing a Smart TV.

What is Smart TV you might ask? Well think of it as the best 3D LED TV you can buy and then add a mini computer inside of it with Wi-Fi capability. Samsung realized that many people are connecting their computers to their TV in order to browse the web, watch movies and share media easier. Up until now you were required to purchase some sort of box to connect your TV or your computer or be very tech-savvy with cables and wires. Samsung has eliminated all of that and simply made a TV that can connect wirelessly to the web right out of the box – no additional hardware required. Browse Facebook, post on Twitter, check the weather or read by product reviews all from the comfort of your couch with the remote.

Speaking of the remote, the Smart TV’s come with a voice-activated remote! You can finally say “Hi TV” and Samsung ES8000 LED SmartTV Remotethen say any number of commands such as “volume up,” “channel down” or “turn TV off.” and you do not have to speak directly into the remote like a walkie-talkie. there is a built-in microphone on the TV that can pick up your voice commands easily. But what about accents? I live in a very international city and many of my friends have foreign accents. Have you ever seen someone with an accent try and talk to Siri on the iPhone? It just does not work! But Samsung has that covered with a series of speech recognition tests that learn your voice upon setup and make worrying about accents a thing of the past. A cool feature to have on your new TV, but I am not sure how much you will really use it, it’s more of a new-product gimick than something that will be useful int he long-term.

Gesture Control on Samsung ES8000 LED SmartTV

Another first from Samsung on this TV is motion control which they call “Smart Interaction”. Think of it like Wii for your TV. You can now browse the web, change channels, adjust volume and more by waving your hand in the air thanks to a center-mounted camera on the TV. Samsung created a hilarious commercial demonstrating this (which you can watch HERE) but as cool as this feature may sound, it’s not really a selling point for me. Remotes have always been easy to use and the demos I have seen of the hand gestures look like the process is more hassle than its worth. Besides, you will look silly waving your hands around in the air while your neighbors simple command their TV with simple presses of their remote buttons. The “Smart Interaction” control is mostly one of those things created so that Samsung could say “we did it first!” and for the salesman at the store to tell you about to convince you to buy a new TV. I will say though that the simple remote is a breath of fresh air design-wise compared to my current 6000-series Samsung TV remote which has about 60 buttons of all shapes sizes and colors on it.

But the real features that you should be excited about this TV are ultrathin design and the picture quality – wow! The quality on this TV blew me away. The brilliant HD resolution, 240 ghz refresh rate, perfect LED color levels and amazing 3D depth and clarity make this TV hard to stop watching. The TV features a sleek, virtually edgeless design, which allows for a bigger picture and very little frame. Do yourself and your family a favor and upgrade your old LCD or Plasma TV to the best new TV available for sale right now: the Samsung ES8000 LED SmartTV.


Side profile of ultra-thin Samsun ES8000 LED SmartTV   PRODUCT FEATURES / SPECS

  • TV Type: LED Flat-panel
  • Sizes Available: 46″, 55″, 60″
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Screen Refresh Rate: 240ghz
  • HDMI Inputs: 3
  • USB Ports: yes
  • Composite Inputs: 2
  • Media Card Slot: No
  • Watts/Channel: 10
  • Speakers: 2
  • Speaker Output Power: 20W
  • V-Chip: Yes
  • Power Consumption (watts) Stand-by:ENERGY STAR Qualified: No
  • Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Weight: 51.8 lbs. with stand (45.4 lbs. without)
  • Height: 33-1/2″ (with stand), 31-7/8″ (without stand)
  • Width: 53-9/10″
  • Instant Content: Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube
  • Warranty: 12 months Parts and Labor

Buy the Samsung UN60ES8000 1080p 3D LED HDTV on


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Best New Laptop: Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook

This is thinnest and most compact PC laptop you can buy right now! It is 14.9mm thin and weighs in at 1.59kg and only comes in second in size and style to Apple’s Macbook Air. Thanks to Samsung’s MaxScreen tech, the company could use super thin bezels and thus strap a 15 inch display onto a 14 inch chassis. Samsung’s biggest bragging feature about this laptop is the power up time of only 9.8 seconds whereas wake-up time is 1.4. I have seen similar claims in the past and these usually only hold true when you first buy the computer without much software installed or files filling up the hard drive. Once you load bulky software such as Adobe’s Creative Suit 6 (which most people do) and a few videos and a couple hundred cds – you can kiss your 0.8 second start-up sped goodbye. Of course, it will still be much faster than most other PC laptops on the market today, but just don’t expect like-new speeds forever.

To be Continued….

Best New Digital Camera: Samsung MultiView MV800

Buy the Samsung MV800 Digital Camera Now!

Get your Samsung MV800 Digital Camera Now!

The Samsung MV800 digital camera features a groundbreaking adjustable LCD Screen which lets you take and view great pictures from multiple angles. Easily adjust the LCD from 0 to 180 degrees and make any shot possible. Snap a picture over a crowd or get waist-level candids of kids and pets, or spin the display for perfectly framed self-portraits. Choose from 3 shutter options to comfortably snap pics from any position. Crisp, Colorful Images and VideoWherever life takes you, capture the moment perfectly. With a 16. Megapixel resolution and 5X optical zoom, images and videos are rich and brilliant from any angle, even at long distances.

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