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A Face Cream That Costs More Than Gold – and Some Affordable Alternatives by Murad

 Cle de Peau - La Crème by Shiseido Yesterday I came across a photo in a magazine about the world’s most expensive face cream  – it cost $13,213 for 1 .7 oz jar! My first reaction was to think that is just plain ridiculous but I was still intrigued to find out more about this cream which was advertised as 5 times more expensive than gold. So after further research online and from calling a local department store I found out that the cream is called Cle de Peau – La Crème which is made by Japanese cosmetic giant Shiseido and will be available for sale on September 21, 2012. It is endorsed by actress Amanda Seyfried – but I hardly think the 26-year old needs it. The cream has been around for a while but what makes this new limited-edition version so expensive is mostly the jar: a hand-crafted container made up of 30 layers of crystals and three platinum rings. The cream alone in a regular jar retails for about $632 for a 1.8 oz jar, which still makes it one of the most expensive face creams on the market today. But in this case it definitely seems like you are just paying for a fancy bottle – and if you can afford it, why not? But for me it seems like a waste of money. You could purchase 20 jars of the $632 cream for the price of one of the limited edition $13,213 jars!

Shiseido La Creme Costs More Than Gold So once I figured out ust why this cream was so expensve, the next thing I wondered was “does the cream really work or is this just hype to media attention?” Many companies create fancy packaging for a simple product in hopes that people will waste their money on it. A good example of this is the  Christian Lacroix-designed Evian Water Bottle which sold for $13.95 per bottle – it’s still water, just in expensive packaging! This kind of marketing works well actually, there are lots of people who buy something Just because it is expensive using the logic that if it is expansive, it has to work well, right? But since I review a lot of products and am a avid shopper, I know that’s not always true. So I went searching the web and read a bunch of consumer reviews (there are tons on MakeupAlley) and yes it does appear that the cream works excellently! Out of about 45 reviews on their site, only 10 people were unhappy with the samples they had tried and the other 35+ people were thrilled and continue to buy it. My main logic for why the 10 did not give good reviews is that they only tried samples and like we all know with most cosmetic face creams, you need to use the product for a significant amount of time to see noticeable results. So, those who could afford to buy and keep using Cle de Peau La Crème loved it and had excellent results in their skin complexion and softness. I have not had the opportunity however to try the product out myself but I will update this post once I do.

Now most of us, myself included, cannot afford $632 face cremes and cosmetics – in fact that is more than most people’s monthly car payment. So I wanted to give you a few similar face creams that are much more affordable and easy obtainable by the rest of us. I am a huge fan of Murad’s products and have been reccomending them to friends and family for years. Shop Murad Skincare Products NowMurad has been America’s first authentic doctor-developed brand, and remains true to the scientific principles of its founder, world-renowned dermatologist Howard Murad, M.D. Shaped by his Inclusive Health philosophy and inspired by the real problems of the more than 50,000 patients and clients who have visited his Los Angeles dermatology practice, his award-winning formulas have helped millions to resolve their skin issues. Through more than fifty years of research,  Murad has established that beauty and health are vitally linked and best achieved through an Inclusive approach that improves every cell in the body. Murad’s products are also very well priced and most products come with free shipping when ordered directly from their website.

Murad also makes some of the best available products for acne treatment, anti aging skin treatments, cellulite, sun protection, clogged pores and mens shaving. Click Here to Save $10 off any $40 Essential-C Skin Care Order. Promo: SAVE10MURAD

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