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  • LET'S GO BODYBOARDING LET'S GO BODYBOARDING Everything you need to know about getting into the sport of bodygoarding including the best gear to buy.
  • KAYAK REVIEW KAYAK REVIEW Full review of the Infinity Odyssey 295 Inflatable Kayak.
  • RAZOR COMPARISON RAZOR COMPARISON Comparison of the new H50 razor with the Gillette Fusion.
  • WHOLESALE SHOPPING WHOLESALE SHOPPING We compare the top 3 wholesale shopping clubs and tell you which is best.
  • JUICER REVIEW JUICER REVIEW Our original review of the Breville JuiceFountain Elite
  • BURGER REVIEW BURGER REVIEW We review Kirkland's gourmet Gardenburger - delicious!


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Quit Tying Your Shoe Laces! You Need SHNAPs
Coca-Cola Goes Green With Experimental Drink in South America
The New Low-Cost Way to Watch TV. . .with Google Chromecast!
Best New Card Game: Cards Against Humanity
Bodyboarding: What You Need to Know to Get Started Just as fun – but costs way less than surfing
New Cocktail Mix Review Mucho Macho Michelada
Wholesale Shopping Clubs: Which is the BEST? We review Cocsto, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale
Take Singing in the Shower to the Next Level A great new product!
Men’s Razor Comparison: Gillette Fusion VS 5HO by  (Guess who won!)
Inflatable Kayak Review: Infinity Odyssey 295 (you’ll love it)
A Professional Juicer at an affordable price: The Breville Juice Fountain Elite
Frozen Burger Review: A New Gourmet Burger which contains no meat!
A Face Cream That Costs More Than Gold and Some Affordable Alternatives
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